Fed Up of Dry Skin during Winter? Here Are Some Natural Dry Skin Remedies

During winter, the most common complaint people have is dry skin. There are three reasons for
this. Firstly, it might occur due to the fall in temperature, humidity level, and the level of
moisture in the air. Secondly, it could be due to usage of harsh soaps and cleaners that are hard
on your skin, which breaks down the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The third is taking long, hot
showers that can actually rob the moisture of your skin. The other reasons for dry skin could
include aging or even undiagnosed health conditions like diabetes or an underactive thyroid.
Due to this, your skin may get dry. There are many natural dry skin remedies for overcoming
the dry skin problem and there are many treatments also if you consult a dermatologist.
Here are some natural remedies to keep away dry skin:
 Drink sufficient water as this increases the moisture of the skin and dry skin problem can
be reduced.
 Using honey also reduces dry skin problems. It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. It
also helps dead skin cells move from the surface faster and stimulates re-growth of the
skin tissues. It also has antibacterial properties.
 Using yogurt is another natural way to moisturize. It can be used as a skin cleanser.
 Cold pressed olive oil acts as excellent softener for dry skin and gives a very soothing
 Consume food with vitamins B and E. Deficiency of these can cause dryness of the skin.
 Eating fish 2-3 times weekly will help in nourishing the skin. It consists of omega 3 fatty
acids, which are excellent for keeping the skin moist.
 Oatmeal is another ordinary food that has healing properties. It heals and soothes dry
 Avoid using products with alcohol on the skin as it reduces the skin moisture and makes
it dry.
 Cucumber is a natural moisturizer, which contains various vitamins, minerals and over
98 percent of water.
 Avocado is also considered as a natural remedy for dry skin. It also helps your skin to be
more radiant.
 Lemon juice also acts as natural scrub for dry skin.
 Almond oil can be used for cleaning the face as this will help to preserve the moisture in
the skin.
The above remedies can help you avoid dry skin using natural things. If going for face creams,
lotions, and moisturizers or any other therapies to reduce dry skin, consult a good

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